Type: FP 6 programme Network of Excellence
Title: Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices
Contract Number: 038419
Period: 2006.10 ~ 2010.09.30
Coordinator: Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (MIRALab, UNIGE, Switzerland)


INTERMEDIA seeks to progress beyond home and device-centric convergence toward truly user-centric convergence of multimedia. Our vision is The User as Multimedia Central: the user as the point at which services (multimedia applications) and the means for interacting with them (devices and interfaces) converge. Key to our vision is that users are provided with a personalized interface and with personalized content independently of the particular set of physical devices they have available for interaction (on the body, or in their environment), and independently of the physical space in which they are situated. Our approach to this vision is to investigate a flexible wearable platform that supports dynamic composition of wearable devices, an ad-hoc connection to devices in the environment, a continuous access to multimedia networks, as well as adaptation of content to devices and user context. 

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ICT 2010 Digitally Driven

InterMedia is selected to present demonstration at the ICT Exhibition in Brussels.

Brussels, Belgium, 27-29 September 2010

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