InterMedia Cafe 

supported by the
organized by Intracom Telecom - Athens Information Technology

The workshop will take place in Athens Information Technology, Peania,  Athens, Greece
May 27 - 28, 2010

Aims and Scope

The InterMedia Network of Excellence (NoE) consortium invites you to experience the future of multimedia transfer and multi-device interactivity in a two days event.
If you are seeking ceaseless access to your specially designed multimedia information from any device and in any location the InterMedia partners may have the answer. In their 'me-centric' world, you literally wear all your data and transfer what you need to whichever device you happen to use.
During four years of research, the InterMedia partners have developed a variety of different modules with focus on the user-centric convergence of multimedia. The vision is The User as Multimedia Central: the user as the point at which services (multimedia applications) and the means for interacting with them (devices and interfaces) converge. The applications developed during the project can make different aspects of daily life easier with IT technologies.

The program is being organized by InterMedia NoE and will include tutorials and paper presentations in the scope of user-centric multimedia in the following topics: 

-       Dynamic distributed networks for nomadic access of multimedia 
-       Multimedia content adaptation and handling 
-       Mobile, wearable and tangible interfaces
-       Mobile spontaneous interaction with 3D contents
-       Integration of physical worlds and virtual worlds
-       Social interaction support in physical and virtual worlds
-       Adaptive 3D visualization on mobile devices
-       Real-time and interactive networked media in mobile mixed reality
-       User generated 3D contents

Important Dates 

InterMedia Cafe: May 27-28, 2010


* In case of emergency (volcano, etc.), please call to + four one 7 9 three two eight 1 3 one three.



InterMedia Cafe Program